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2015 (LX)


No./Issue 4                                            


The L1 acquisition of differential object marking/

 Lacquisition du marquage diffrentiel de l'objet dans la langue maternelle


Edit par / Edited by: Larisa Avram


 LARISA AVRAM, Editorial: The L1 acquisition of differential object marking [pdf]

 Sigal Uziel-Karl, The development of differential object marking in child Hebrew [pdf]

 Gordana Hrica, Marijan Palmovi?, Melita Kova?evi?, Maria D. Voeikova, Kira Ivanova, Elena Galkina, Animacy and case in the acquisition of differential object marking in Croatian and Russian [pdf]

 Ineta Dabainskien?, Growing knowledge of differential object marking: The view from L1 Lithuanian [pdf]

 EMMA TICIO, LARISA AVRAM, The acquisition of differential object marking in Spanish and Romanian: Semantic scales or semantic features? [pdf] 

 Reili Argus, On the acquisition of differential object marking in Estonian [pdf]

 F. Nihan Ketrez, Incomplete acquisition of the Turkish differential object marking [pdf]

Comptes rendus / Reviews [pdf]


No./Issue 2?3


Variation syntaxique / Syntactic Variation


dit par / Edited by: Jenneke van der Wal, Adina Dragomirescu, and Alexandru Nicolae


Editors Introduction [pdf]

ADAM LEDGEWAY, Parallels in Romance Nominal and Clausal Microvariation [pdf]

ROBERTA DALESSANDRO, CLAUDIO DI FELICE, The Diachrony of Abruzzese Complementation [pdf]

SAM WOLFE, Verb-Initial Orders in Old Romance: A Comparative Account [pdf] 

GIUSEPPE TORCOLACCI, The Uniformity of Markedness Between Tense and ?. Default Marking in Southern Italian Dialects [pdf]

LUIGI ANDRIANI, Adjectival positions in Barese [pdf]

ALICE CORR, Overt Expletives in Ibero-Romance: A Diachronic and Diatopic Perspective [pdf]

ALEXANDRU NICOLAE, DANA NICULESCU, Pronominal Clitics in Old Romanian: The Tobler-Mussafia Law [pdf]

MIHAELA T?NASE-DOGARU, CAMELIA U?URELU, Diachronic Variation with Romanian (pseudo)-partitives [pdf]

SILVIO CRUSCHINA, ION GIURGEA, EVA-MARIA REMBERGER, Focus Fronting Between Declaratives and Exclamatives [pdf]

JENNEKE VAN DER WAL,Bantu Object Clitics as Defective Goals [pdf]

M. RITA MANZINI, LEONARDO M. SAVOIA, Oblique Subjects in Indo-European Ergativity Splits [pdf] 

Comptes rendus / Reviews[pdf]



No./Issue 1

ION GIURGEA, Types of Exclamative Clauses in Romanian [pdf]

VERONICA TOMESCU, Word Order Errors at the Discourse-Syntax Interface with Romanian-Hungarian Bilinguals [pdf]

ALEXANDRU NICOLAE, On the Syntactic Specialization of Romanian Demonstratives and the Grammaticalization of the article cel [pdf]

OCTAVIAN GORDON,The Integration within Romanian of Toponyms of Latin or Greek Origin. Criteria, Limits and Possible Solutions [pdf]

MARINA CIOLAC, De nouveau propos du totexte et de la communication tldiffuse [pdf]

Comptes rendus / Reviews[pdf]

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