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2018 (LXIII)


No./Issue 4


MARTIN MAIDEN, Romanian Iotacization and the Morphology of Second Person Singular Present Verb-Forms. The Type (tu) vii, (tu) r?mi [pdf]

RENATA ENGHELS, On the Grammaticalization of the Deverbal Epistemic Pragmatic Marker sabes. A Study in Recent Language Change [pdf]

ALINA TIG?U, A Higher Applicative: the Case of the Romanian Ethical Dative [pdf]

ADINA DRAGOMIRESCU, Language Contact and the Syntax of Old Romanian: on the Head Parameter [pdf]

MARIA STANCIU ISTRATE, Considrations sur la vitalit des emprunts slavons en roumain [pdf]

Miscellanea: MONICA BUSUIOC, DAN CARAGEA, ROMTEXT a Fundamental Instrument for the New Edition of the Dictionary of the Romanian Language [pdf]

Comptes rendus / Reviews [pdf]


No./Issue 3


Romance Microvariation / Microvariation dans les langues romanes


EVA-MARIA REMBERGER, Already in Romance: Universal Properties, Minimal Variation, Language Change [pdf]

EMIL IONESCU, Variation in the Construction of the Negative Imperative across Romance Languages [pdf]

JAN CASALICCHIO, LAURA MIGLIORI, Progressive and Predicative Constructions with Gerund in Romance. A Contrastive Analysis [pdf]

ARES LLOP, ANNA PINEDA, Syntactic Microvariation in Catalan. The microvariaci.cat Initiative [pdf]

ANNA PARADS, Variation in the Scope of Clitic Climbing: Evidence from Catalan Dialectal Data [pdf]

BLANCA CROITOR, On Pseudoclefts, Specificational Sentences, and Agreement in Romanian [pdf]

Comptes rendus / Reviews [pdf]


No./Issue 1-2

Speech Acts across Time and Space /

Actes de language travers le temps et lespace


Edited by: / dit par: ANDRA VASILESCU and CAMERON TAYLOR

Editorial (Andra Vasilescu) [pdf]

Theoretical Frameworks Revisited

JACOB L. MEY, Ecology, Language, and Pragmatics [pdf]

ISTVAN KECSKES, Intercultural Communication and the Way We Think about Language [pdf]

LIANA POP,Catgories actionnelles en de et au-del des actes [pdf]

The Anatomy of Speech Acts

LILIANA IONESCU-RUX?NDOIU, Questions and Rhetorical Questions. A Theoretical Synthesis [pdf]

ANDRA VASILESCU,  Refusals: the Pragmeme and the Practs [pdf]

MIHAELA-VIORICA CONSTANTINESCU, The Historical Variation of the Pragmeme Greeting in Romanian [pdf]

ARIADNA ?TEF?NESCU,  Some Cases of Complaining in Romanian. Remarks on their Incremental Structure and Strategic Use [pdf]

R?ZVAN S?FTOIU, To Speak or not to Speak. Notes on Silence as a Dialogic Speech Act [pdf]

The Dynamics of Speech Acts in Discourse

STANCA M?DA,  Analyzing Political Discourse as a Macro Speech Act [pdf] 

LILIANA HOIN?RESCU,  Lying as a Speech Act. A Socio-discursive and Interactional Approach [pdf]

Speech Acts and More...

MIHAELA GHEORGHE, Pragmatic Effects of the Overt Subject in Romanian Conditional Imperatives [pdf]

GABRIELA STOICA, Rethinking Emotions in Context. Case Study: Love from Old to Early Modern Romanian [pdf]

Comptes rendus / Reviews [pdf]

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