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  • Alexandru Nicolae – Old Romance in a Balkan suit: V-Aux inversion as residual V2 in old RomanianResidual Verb Second in Romance (ReVerSe1) ‘Through the Looking Glass’, University of Helsinki, June 10-11, 2021, videoconference 
  • Adina Dragomirescu, Alexandru Nicolae – Istro-Romanian auxiliaries are not clitics: empirical evidence and theoretical consequences – Annual International Conference of the English Department, University of Bucharest, June 3-5, 2021
  • Adnana Boioc Apintei, Adina Dragomirescu, Alexandru Nicolae – Language contact in Syntax: the view from Romanian Cambridge University Linguistic Society, University of Cambridge, April 29, 2021, videoconference
  • Alexandru Nicolae – The syntactic locus of definiteness in the Balkan languages: from enclitic articles to polydefinite constructions – Empirical approaches to linguistic variation: The Balkans and beyond, Universität Zürich; March 11-12, 2021, videoconference  

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