2020 (LXV)



No. / Issue 4    


ESTEBAN VÁZQUEZ-CANO, M.ª LUISA SEVILLANO, JOSÉ MANUEL SÁEZ-LÓPEZ, A Computational Analysis of the Morphosyntactic Variation in Tweets Written by Spanish Journalists [pdf]

CĂTĂLINA ILIESCU GHEORGHIU, Interpreter Wanted. The Impact of Specialised Language on Migrant Women’s Perception of Healthcare Interaction [pdf]

SILVIA FLOREA, On the Argumentative-Informative Role of Quotations in Romanian Political Discourse [pdf]

ROXANA VOICU, Le marquage évidentiel : en déça et au-delà des noms sous-spécifiés y a-t-il une continuité ? [pdf]

ALEXANDRU NICOLAE, Grammaticalization as Pattern Formation: Romanian Auxiliaries from a Diachronic Romance Perspective [pdf]

Comptes rendus / Reviews [pdf]



No. / Issue 3


Approaches to Discourse-Relational Devices (DRDs): Textual Connectors, Discourse Markers, Modal Particles /

 Approches dans l’analyse des éléments de connexité discursive : connecteurs textuels, marqueurs discursifs, particules modales


Edited by / Édité par: Ariadna Ștefănescu, Verginica Barbu Mititelu, Sorina Postolea



Editorial note (Ariadna Ștefănescu, Verginica Barbu Mititelu, Sorina Postolea) [pdf]

MANFRED STEDE, From Connectives to Coherence Relations: A Case Study of German Contrastive Connectives [pdf]

SOFIANA-IULIA LINDEMANN, Effects of Indefiniteness on Topic Transitions [pdf]

ANDREA DI MANNO, Translating Connectors: The Case of Old Church Slavonic [pdf]

VALENTINA COJOCARU, English Discourse Markers in Spoken Romanian: Pragmatic Borrowings or a Code-Switching Phenomenon? [pdf ]

ANABELLA-GLORIA NICULESCU-GORPIN, MONICA VASILEANU, Romanian Anglicisms: From Fully-Fledged Lexical Items to Discourse Markers [pdf]

CECILIA-MIHAELA POPESCU, Mersi, apropo, pardon in Contemporary Romanian: From Etymology to Lexical Pragmatics [pdf]

MIHAELA MLADENOVICI IONESCU, Actually: The Concealed Lever [pdf]

ARIADNA ȘTEFĂNESCU, SORINA POSTOLEA, VERGINICA BARBU MITITELU, The Romanian Discourse Markers de altfel and de altminteri. Patterns of Use and Core Functions [pdf]

Comptes rendus / Reviews [pdf]


No. / Issue 2


JAROMÍR KADLEC, Comparaison de la situation actuelle du basque en Espagne et en France [pdf]

FRANCESCO-ALESSIO URSINI, HAIPING LONG, YUE (SARA) ZHANG, (Un)bounded spatial categories in Mandarin [pdf]

ADNANA BOIOC APINTEI, ȘTEFANIA COSTEA, When a veni ‘come’ becomes a fi ‘be’. A veni ‘come’ as a copulative verb in Romanian [pdf]

MĂDĂLINA BOTEZ STĂNESCU, ADINA DRAGOMIRESCU, The Romanian verbs a rămâne ‘remain’ and a se afla ‘be situated’ on the grammaticalization scale [pdf]

PIOTR TWARDZISZ, The de-metaphorization of the term ‘Eastern Europe’ in the twenty-first century [pdf]

IGOR IVANOVIĆ, Hypotheses on language emergence and development [pdf]

SIMONA GEORGESCU, Conceptual metaphors leading to some names of anger in the Indo-European languages (with focus on the Romance languages) [pdf]

Comptes rendus / Reviews[pdf]


 No./Issue 1


CHARLES REISS, MARC SIMPSON, Reduplication as Projection [pdf]

MILOŠ KRIVOKAPIĆ, (Un)Reduced Infinitive and Romance Constructions with činiti ‘make’ and and za ‘for’ + Infinitive in the Montenegrin Written Language (1714–1828) [pdf]

MIHAELA ILIOAIA, Productivity of the Romanian mihi est Pattern [pdf]

RALUCA BRĂESCU, IRINA NICULA PARASCHIV, Un processus de copularisation : a trece « passer » du verbe de mouvement au verbe attributif [pdf]

RAMONA-CĂTĂLINA CORBEANU, ANABELLA-GLORIA NICULESCU-GORPIN, MONICA VASILEANU, New Trends in the Assimilation of Verbal Anglicisms in Romanian [pdf]

Comptes rendus / Reviews [pdf]