Revue Roumaine de Linguistique – Arhiva 2021

2021 (LXVI)

No./Issue 4

MAXIMILIEN GUÉRIN, LOUISE ESHER, JEAN-LÉO LÉONARD, SYLVAIN LOISEAU, Comparing inflectional structure across a dialect group: verb morphology in the croissant linguistique [pdf]

ROXANA VOICU, Les adjectifs à polarité négative et la stratégie de l’euphémisme [pdf]

VALENTINA COJOCARU, The use of discourse markers by foreign students learning Romanian [pdf]

SILVIA FLOREA, Reformulation Markers in Doctoral Research [pdf]

MARIA MARIN, DANIELA RĂUȚU, The dictionary of regional Romanian spoken in Hungary – issues and challenges [pdf]

MILICA VUKOVIĆ-STAMATOVIĆ, VESNA BRATIĆ, ZDRAVKO BABIĆ, The metaphor politics as a game/sport match in the online media portrayals of the EU-Western Balkans relations [pdf]

INMACULADA CLOTILDE SANTOS DÍAZ, ESTER TRIGO IBÁÑEZ, MANUEL FRANCISCO ROMERO OLIVA, Disponibilidad léxica del futuro profesorado de enseñanza secundaria. ¿Existen diferencias diasexuales? [pdf]

 Comptes rendus / Reviews [pdf]

Nos./Issue 2-3

3rd Bucharest Workshop on Formal Approaches

to Romance Microvariation (2019)

Edited by: Adina Dragomirescu and Alexandru Nicolae

Editors’ introduction[pdf]

BENEDETTA BALDI, LEONARDO M. SAVOIA, Possessives in Aromanian. A Comparison with Albanian and North-Calabrian Dialects [pdf]

CLARA CUONZO, Pure Expressive Adjectives in Romance [pdf]

ADRIANA COSTĂCHESCU, Expression d’une borne initiale spatio-temporelle : Fr. depuis, Roum. dedinde la, de pe [pdf]

ANA MARIA MARTINS, Syntactic Aspects of Metalinguistic Negation[pdf]

ȘTEFANIA COSTEA, Clausal de-supines in Moldovan: The State-of-the-art[pdf]

JELENA ŽIVOJINOVIĆ, Is There a Grammaticalized Progressive in Ladin? A Preliminary Field Report[pdf]

SAM WOLFE, Microvariation in the Old Italo-Romance Left Periphery: The Case of si [pdf]

SARA N. CARDULLO, Dual Complementation in the Dialect of the Eolian Islands [pdf]

Invited commentary.VALENTINA COLASANTI, Criterial Positions as Diagnostics in Italo-Romance: Some Highs and Lows [pdf]

Comptes rendus / Reviews [pdf]

No./Issue 1

Motion Verbs in Romance /

Les verbes de movement dans les langues romanes

ADAM LEDGEWAY,Coming and going in Calabrian: The Syntax of Pseudo-coordination [pdf]

ADNANA BOIOC APINTEI, ADINA DRAGOMIRESCU, Grammatical Values of the Verb a sta ‘stay’ in Romanian. A Comparative Romance Perspective [pdf]

RALUCA BRĂESCU, IRINA NICULA PARASCHIV,From Verbs of Motion to Aspectual and Copula Verbsa intra ‘enter’ and a ieși ʻexitʼ [pdf]

VALENTINA COJOCARU, RAMONA CĂTĂLINA CORBEANU,Some Aspects of the Grammaticalization of the Romanian Verb a (se) porni ‘start’ [pdf]

BEATRICE-ANDREEA PAHONȚU, Dynamique des périphrases aspectuelles en roumain : étude des noms de mouvement dans les périphrases a fi pe cale ‘être en voie de’ et a fi in curs ‘être en cours de’ [pdf]

Comptes rendus / Reviews [pdf]